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Recent Assignments Across Pakistan


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I have had the pleasure of working with CTC as a Consultant/Trainer in Health and Nutrition on numerous occasions. The entire CTC team is very professional, courteous and respectful at all times. I would recommend CTC without hesitation to colleagues and agencies for their expertise in numerous areas and professional attitude in meeting deadlines etc

Dr. Neelam

I have always enjoyed working as a consultant for ‘CHIP Training & Consulting’ (CTC). They are very client focused and also ensure that their consultants are of the highest caliber. They have a very good reputation in the industry and among consultants.With a pool of competent & professional consultants, including researchers, management and institutional development experts; CTC delivers with innovative, demand-driven, effective, appropriate and long-lasting solutions, to address development and emerging issues.

Dr. Safdar Kamal Pasha

Having known their good professional credibility in the market, services of CHIP Training & Consulting (Pvt) Limited were hired to undertake performance evaluation of the“Balochistan Agriculture Project”, funded by USAID, in 8 districts of Balochistan. So far CHIP has conducted three performance evaluations for three consecutive years from 2o12 onwards. The task included development of performance evaluation instruments, data collection, analyses and report production. In spite of security and other operational issues, CHIP has discharged its contractual obligations satisfactorily. It has done a commendable job in the form of constructive reporting which has served as guidelines for improving business transparency, efficiency and profitability. We can see a visible difference. While we offer our gratitude for their excellent services, we look forward to have a continued working relationship and engage them in future as well.

Mohammad Iqbal

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Our Clients

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